What can we expect from the Ottawa Real Estate Market in 2019?

What can we expect from the Ottawa Real Estate Market in 2019?

Ottawa's Hot Real Estate Market for 2019!


So what can we expect for Ottawa’s Real Estate Market this year –  I think it’s going to be very similar to this past year which for some realtors in Ottawa has been very good.

The recent news article in the Financial Post section of the Ottawa Citizen stated that the Housing Correction is likely to continue into 2019 and stated that Vancouver and Toronto, and Calgary were a bit down, and that Montreal had a pretty good year – they don’t bother to mention Ottawa which is too bad since it’s in the Ottawa paper but Ottawa had a very good year just like Montreal.

Part of the reason I believe is the extreme shortage of listings for sale which hasn’t eased up all year and seems like it may be even more restricted this year.

This has made the past year very much a sellers market for houses, a pretty good market for condo sales as well but made it pretty tricky if you’re a buyer.

If this continues it means that if you’re at all thinking of selling this will be probably a great year to do it, and if you’re looking to buy you need to really stay on top of the market on a daily basis to catch the good stuff!.




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