I moved to Ottawa in 2010. After not having lived in the country for a number of years, I had few contacts in real estate. I was fortunate enough to find Eric by way of his website. In my view, there are a few key characteristics that set Eric apart from other real estate agents that I have dealt with both in Canada and overseas. As we know, all real estate agents theoretically work in their clients’ interests. There are, however, situations where the real estate agent’s own needs in making a sale mean that a client’s interest might not be optimized. I never felt, for one moment while working with Eric, that he ever had anything but my best interests at heart. This, despite the fact that we looked at dozens of properties for almost a year until we found the one that was just right for me. He was always infinitely patient, entirely honest in his assessments, and tirelessly hardworking in helping me find the place that would be just right. I never felt at any juncture pressured to make a decision one way or the other. Eric always listened to what I said and did his best to translate my concerns into a tangible result. After months of looking at places, naturally, I was fatigued as well. There were many times when I thought that it might just be better to buy something that I didn’t even realize I wasn’t entirely happy with just for the sake of it. On a few occasions, Eric saved me from moving forward with a sale that wasn’t right for me. He is, through and through, an honest, mild mannered and hardworking agent, who has his clients’ best interests at the forefront of his mind. I would recommend him unreservedly to anyone looking to purchase or sell a property.