In this day and age, we find it rare for customers to actually be proud of their service providers. Your clear communication, your true professionalism and your efficiency throughout the process was above and beyond anything we expected. You ensured that this difficult process for us was made easy and simple. You helped us to…


There is an assumption in this day and age that with all the access to digital information, we would inherently be completely aware of everything around us. There are so many adverts and claims that would have us believe that purchasing a home is as easy as pie. We can attest that purchasing a home was a complicated process and we consider ourselves very lucky to have had Eric Manherz and his team by our side for every step of the way. We discovered that purchasing a home is a cut-throat, fast-paced and tediously legal process that not only requires but demands a skillful attention to details, extensive knowledge of legal proceedings and being up to date with competitive market conditions. Eric Manherz’s professional team did not only deliver but surpassed any of our expectations. Speaking with family and friends about our home-purchasing experience, all we keep hearing is how lucky we were for our entire process to be easy and simple. What we do know for sure is that its simplicity was all due to Eric Manherz and his team. Eric, Steve and Ron are an incredible example of what a true team really is. They all communicated clearly, worked due-diligently and ensured to always have our best interests at heart.

Business is indeed business, but when a team is not afraid to be humane, down to earth and still represent all your interests with a professional decorum, simple and easy communication, and most importantly an organized and efficient step by step progression of what is actually happening in real time, there is no other way to describe our experience than AMAZING.

Eric, Steve and Ron made it possible for us to buy a house and make it our home. Our dreams came true and it was all thanks to the Dream-Team.


Jason & Patrice