How My Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) Was Cured – 2015

How My Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) Was Cured – 2015


Disclaimer:  Although I have been very lucky with this, I do not advocate ignoring western doctors.  At the very least they are able to provide a complete diagnosis and prognosis (although they don’t believe that SCC can be cured with “natural” remedies).  Please be very careful with anything related to cancer!

Here’s a summary of the 10 months that I went through, in Ontario, Canada.  I started with the natural stuff because our medical system didn’t give me any other options for months.  It’s hard to say if I would have started with these if I had the other options earlier.


2014 Sep I noticed a little scab on my head, but thought I’d just bumped it.  My hair stylist said I’d better get it looked at.  My GP said it was definitely SCC & arranged a referral to a dermatologist. It was only perhaps a quarter inch, so it never occurred to me to take photos.
Early Oct Got the call from the dermatologist:  appointment for Dec 1
Nov 17 Drastically larger than Sep; distinctive “volcano” shape (note: by early Nov it had become an open, bloody, weeping sore).  Curing Squamous Cell Skin Cancer - Steve Langlois - photo1
Nov 30 Still larger, and crusty scab  Curing Squamous Cell Skin Cancer - Steve Langlois - photo2
Dec 1 and 8 Initial consultwith dermatologist, and then a week later a “wedge” biopsy (did he not trust my GP enough to have the biopsy as the initial appointment??) Initial consult:  said it was defintiely SCC and wouldn’t wait; would refer me immeditately for plastic surgeon for skin graft; most likely from inner thigh to head. Never heard from this plastic surgeon (up to Jul 14, 2015).
Dec 9 I started applying Calcium Ascorbate (Vitamin C / Ascorbic Acid) crystals dissolved in water (I made it “supersaturated” such that there were crystals in the bottom of the glass).  I soaked an organic cotton pad, like for makeup removal, and placed that on the site.  I replaced it 4-6 times a day, and slept with one on, wearing a shower cap to keep it from being rubbed off at night.
Dec 12 Started using AWGE (, plus other vitamin suppliments.
Dec 13 After the “wedge” biopsy and the removal of the scab. Open weeping sore.  Curing Squamous Cell Skin Cancer - Steve Langlois - photo 3
Dec 26 Not looking great, but at least no longer an open wound.  Curing Squamous Cell Skin Cancer - Steve Langlois - photo4
Jan 8
Still looks raw, but the ridge around the site, and the yellow and black areas are almost gone.  Curing Squamous Cell Skin Cancer - Steve Langlois - photo5
Jan 22 Still looking tender, but looks like regular skin that has been scraped.  Curing Squamous Cell Skin Cancer - Steve Langlois - photo6
Jan 30 Pink, but a lot improved!  (just before starting Curaderm Bec5)  
Feb 3 Lesion is still small, now yellow area that looks like puss appearing ahead of it;
Feb 6 Lesion looks much larger, and there’s a large yellow “scab”(?) as well now.

– Their literature states that it will “follow the roots” of the cancer, but after about 10 days I stopped using it because it appeared to be making things worse.  (Although it might have just followed hidden areas…)  I switched back to the Calcium Ascorbate.

 Curing Squamous Cell Skin Cancer - Steve Langlois - photo7
Feb 23  Curing Squamous Cell Skin Cancer - Steve Langlois - photo8
Mar 4 Review of biopsy with dermatologist, who said the change was probably due to an “inflamation” response by my body to his biopsy.  Referral to oncologist – saw the following week!; also plastic surgeon – never heard from.  NEVER HEARD FROM THIS PLASTIC SURGERON EITHER (up to 2015, Jul 14).
Mar 7  Curing Squamous Cell Skin Cancer - Steve Langlois - photo9
Mar 20  
Apr 5  Curing Squamous Cell Skin Cancer - Steve Langlois - photo10
Apr 19  Curing Squamous Cell Skin Cancer - Steve Langlois - photo11
May 2  Curing Squamous Cell Skin Cancer - Steve Langlois - photo12
May 15 GP was concerned about the “extension forward” so performed a punch biopsy. (Came back negative for cancer.)
June 4 Consult with a MOHS surgeon, who did a slice biopsy – took out the entire scar ridge (1.8cm by .8cm – ¾ in by 1/3 in)!  Came back negative as well.
July 11 Still somewhat pink and sunken from the healing of the 2nd biopsy, but overall looking pretty good!  Curing Squamous Cell Skin Cancer - Steve Langlois - photo13


Interestingly, I had almost no sensation in my scalp near the lesion by the time I visited the dermatologist December 1.  But by the end of December, after only a couple of weeks on the internal and external natural therapies, I could feel the water on the area again.

Also, I still have hair there (yes, I know it’s thin!).  Radiation would have totally killed it off in the area, and I wonder it would look like with the large skin graft from my inner thigh.

I think that the single most important help was the topical application of the Ascorbic Acid.  However, I wanted to make sure that it didn’t just “dig in and hide”.  Or worse, move to another, more problematic are of my body.  The AWGE and other vitamins were to attack it from the inside as well, and I’m very glad that I did that.

As an aside, while taking the biopsy, my GP said “if it comes back positive, you’ll have to stop fooling around with that natural stuff”.  And the MOHS surgeon joked that if it came back negative I’d make a fortune for “discovering a cure for cancer” – or that I might just have had an EXTREMELY rare form of SCC that “self-implodes” and cures itself…

Like all cancers, you cannot ignore squamous cell cancer.  However, it is usually a very self-contained cancer and less likely than most to metastasize and spread to other parts of the body.  You do need to be sure what you have, because skin melanoma is exceedingly dangerous and does spread.

I wanted to share this in the hopes that it might be of help to someone else.  Western medicine is excellent at many things, but sometimes it helps to do something while you’re waiting for the system to get around to you.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery if you are going through this yourself,


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