Spring is upon us, so it’s time to think about Curb Appeal (even if you aren’t selling)

Spring is upon us, so it’s time to think about Curb Appeal (even if you aren’t selling)


Now that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to think about your home’s curb appeal.  This applies whether you are staying in your home or thinking of selling it.  Curb appeal is the first impression you have of a home based on its overall exterior appearance, and it influences the value of a home.  With people they say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and the same is true for homes.

Curb appeal relates to the home’s design, condition and age.  I can think of so many examples  when I could really tell when a home owner has pride in ownership;  the lawn is tidy, the paint is fresh and not worn or sun scorched, and the flowerbeds and planters are in bloom and lush. 

Where  to start and what  to do?

Curb appeal never includes clutter.  Now that the snow has melted, grab a garbage bag and scour your yard starting street side.  Remove all gravel thrown by the snow plows with a rake if need be, and any other refuse that does not belong on your driveway or what is about to be your beautiful lawn.  Right now is the perfect time to properly assess and start tending to your lawn.  Television, radio and newspaper gardener Mark Cullen advises to do these 4 things to maximize the health and look of your lawn in April;     

  • Rake gently to raise grass blades and open up the root zone to oxygen. 
  • Fertilize with a fertilizer that contains slow release nitrogen and DDP Iron for a deeper, richer green. 
  • Thin patches are best thickened with 2 to 4 cm of lawn soil or triple mix spread over the area, then an application of a grass seed broadcast over the area by hand, rake smooth [gently] and step in the works to bring soil/seed together.  Keep watering until germination occurs.
  • Aerate now if the soil is compacted, while there is plenty of winter moisture in the ground.

 Now stand back and examine closely the condition of your front door, the steps leading up to it, and the condition of any railings.  A fresh coat of paint is not expensive and really cleans up a dull and lifeless front entrance.  Check for any tears or rips on your screens.  Consider adding attractive planters or pots of colourful flowers leading up to your front door if you have the room and guests can still safely and comfortably access your stairway.    Speaking of safety, it’s wise to assess your home after night fall as well as during the day.  Replace any outdoor light bulbs that are burnt out, and consider adding exterior lighting for safety and security.  A well lit house at night is a proven deterrent to would be burglars.

Grab your paper towels or old newspaper; it is also time to clean your windows.  Next, look up to assess your gutters.  You might want to consider pressure washing dirty siding and dingy front decking. 

Your goal with any curb appeal exercise is to make your home more appealing.  This is especially important  if you are selling, when you want to set your home ahead of your competitors. You want to identify and highlight the best attributes of your home and downplay less attractive features.  Ultimately, you want to demonstrate a pride of ownership, inspire curiosity and draw in passers-by.

Do you have any curb appeal ideas that you have implemented at your home? I would love to hear what you plan to do this spring to beautify the exterior of your home. 






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