One of the perks of working as a realtor – is of course the people that you meet along the way.


It's with great pleasure today that I was invited to attend a citizenship ceremony today at the Governor General's Rideau Hall in Ottawa.  For sure the most fun part of being a realtor is the amazing people that you get to meet along the way and this family certainly fits the bill. 

I met them over the phone and internet several years ago in the process of helping them find a home here while still living in Belgium and it has been a great experience since the first phone call.  Today they just added to that when the 3 who weren't Canadian citizens received their citizenship at Rideau hall and got to meet and shake hands with both current Governor General David Johnson and former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson – truly a fitting place to have this event, truly deserving people to have it, and an inspirational morning to say the least.  Congrats to Els, Rebecca and Daniel and welcome to your new country and thanks so much for the invite – it was truly an honour.  They will undoubtedly make very good additions to this country!



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