Prep your home now for a spring sale

Prep your home now for a spring sale


Are you a little restless when icy conditions keep you indoors? If you’re thinking about selling your home, ready it for the spring market by completing these tasks now.  (It’s worth keeping on top of these regardless of when you are considering selling.  The need to sell might happen suddenly.)

Declutter/tidy.  Begin packing up tchotchke and personal items. Buyers want to see themselves in the space and imagine their belongings in the rooms. By streamlining the number of photos or artwork on walls, you’ll see areas that might need cleaning, repair, or a fresh coat of paint.  Decluttering can help you feel freer as well.  Removing personal photos helps potential buyers feel more at ease and less like they are walking through a home that belongs to other people.  Reduce the contents of closets so that they are only 1/2 full.  Buyers can see that there’s lots of space for their clothes.

Downsize.  Let go of excessive furniture that doesn’t serve a specific purpose. Garage sale apps can help you sell off any purged items. Make room for storage. Create open areas so buyers can see where they can add shelving, cupboards, or bookshelves.

Give grout new life.  When your bathroom looks a little worn, scour with grout cleaner and perhaps apply fresh grout between tiles. Carefully caulk around the perimeter of your tub. It’s an absolute must! Don’t cover up dirt; give everything a thorough scrub before making these upgrades.

Paint.  It’s always touted as the cheapest and fastest way to improve the appearance of a home.  While not as inexpensive as it once was, both the quality and safety of use are much improved.  Consider light, neutral colours to brighten your home and make it more appealing to more potential buyers.  Painting trim in a soft white can add style.  (And if you aren’t into painting there are many good firms that can do it quickly for you.)

With a clean, open home you’ll be ready to stage and show your house when you’re ready!


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