Ottawa Real Estate Statistics Comparison For 2020

Ottawa Real Estate Statistics Comparison For 2020


Here’s a high level look at how real estate in Ottawa did in 2020, and how it compared to 2019.

The average price across all resale residential properties shows how Ottawa was primed for dramatic price increases at the start of the year. Then a dramatic drop when COVID lockdowns first started. But, interestingly,  Ottawa has maintained a relatively stable price since mid/late summer with fluctuations similar to 2019.

Even more dramatic are the charts of “Sold Properties by Week” and “New Listings by Week”.  But pretty much only at the beginning of the pandemic.  Overall, listings and sales have patterns that are very similar to those of 2019.

These charts are prepared by the Member Services department of the Ottawa Real Estate Board.  (Read details and disclosure at the end of this post.)

The Member Services Department has been busy compiling Ottawa real estate market statistics since Ontario’s State of Emergency Order came into effect, including Daily New Listings, Weekly Sales, and Average Sale Price per Week. These market statistics are generated to show how Ottawa’s Real Estate market has been affected by the pandemic.

Please note: The x-axis is based on weeks. Just like graphs that are based on months, and thereby numbered 1 to 12, these graphs are based on weeks numbered 1 to 52. We started our graphs on week six which is a month before the Ontario State of Emergency Order.

Disclaimer: Statistical data provided by the Ottawa Real Estate Board is for informational purposes only and subject to change without prior notice. Although every reasonable effort is made to present current and accurate information for public use, the Ottawa Real Estate Board does not make any guarantees about the content, accuracy, or timeliness of the information presented above.



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