Save Money on Moving and Storage Fees

Save Money on Moving and Storage Fees


House sold too fast and your new one is not ready yet.  Storing your furniture for a month or two and doing the two moves can run into thousands of dollars.

A new method called Pods might be the answer for you. 

PODS™ is a smarter way to move and store in the greater Ottawa area
PODS revolutionized moving and storage by introducing the concept of portable storage containers. With PODS, portable storage containers come to you, so you can pack at your leisure. When you’re ready, we’ll move your PODS container across town, across the country or to one of our secure Storage Centre facilities.

What basically happens is they deliver a pod to your driveway which you can load your stuff into at your leisure and when you’re ready to move, they’ll pick it up and store it.  When you’re ready to move into your new place you can call them and they’ll deliver the pod to your new place so you can unpack.  A friend of mine has just done it for under $1000.

Visit their website at to find out more info and see it can’t save you some money.

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