Time to Mortgage your Future? – Are you missing a great opportunity to buy!


Many consumers are missing out on opportunities to determine how much they can afford and are overlooking available tools, writes Derek Sankey. By Derek Sankey, Canwest News Service -April 1, 2009

Many people think home ownership is out of reach because they haven’t done the calculations or sought expert advice about their options.  Many people have no idea what they can afford.  It should start with getting pre-approved.  "Pre-approval really demonstrates that a buyer is serious and that can help with negotiating with sellers and agents" says Bernice Dunsby, senior manager of home equity financing with Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).  It also allows buyers to lock in their interest rates for 90 days in the event that rates go up, or they can take a lower rate during that time frame if rates go down further.

To read the whole article by Derek Sankey – visit the following link at http://www.ottawacitizen.com/Business/Time+mortgage+your+future/1449961/story.html

If you haven’t been approved yet for a mortgage in Ottawa, let us know and we’ll be happy to point you to some excellent mortgage brokers or bank mortgage specialists.



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