Ottawa MLS® Stats during Covid-19 up to June 1

Ottawa MLS® Stats during Covid-19 up to June 1


The following charts are courtesy of the Ottawa Real Estate Board based on the stats that they have compiled.

As you can see, there was a precipitous drop in the numbers of new listings and sales immediately following the declaration of the State of Emergency in Ontario.

Prices briefly dipped down to touch 2019 levels, but have returned to higher levels.  However, they have not increased as dramatically as they were increasing prior to the “lockdown” of the country, the province, and the world.

Interestingly, prices for freehold and for condos have followed different paths. However, be aware that we are personally finding that *every* property is still receiving multiple offers (on ours, and on properties that our buyers are bidding on).



The Member Services Department of the Ottawa Real Estate Board has been busy compiling Ottawa real estate market statistics since Ontario’s State of Emergency Order came into effect.  These statistics include Daily New Listings, Weekly Sales, and Average Sale Price per Week, and are generated to show how Ottawa’s Real Estate market has been affected by the pandemic. The graphs are uploaded every Monday before noon. 

Please note: The x-axis is based on weeks. Just like graphs that are based on months, and thereby numbered 1 to 12, these graphs are based on weeks numbered 1 to 52. We started our graphs on week six which is a month before the Ontario State of Emergency Order.


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