Ottawa Landlords – have your say – say no by June 30th to City of Ottawa’s Landlord licencing fees.

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The City of Ottawa is considering imposing licensing on residential landlords. If the city does impose landlord licensing on rental owners, then there will be costs of$300 to $900 to register, and annual costs of $200 to $500 to maintain the license.

If you have not filled out the City’s on-line survey, I urge you to do so now. The attached flyer sets out the facts. Page 2 explains how to access and fill out the survey. Spending 10 minutes now may save you hundreds of dollars every year you own your rental property!

You need to fill out the survey by June 30, and it would be better to fill it out as soon as possible within the next few days.  You’ll find the study and surveys here –


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