Ottawa Rated Number 2 in Best Places to Live in Canada –

Ottawa Rated Number 2 in Best Places to Live in Canada –


The 2009 Canada’s Best Places to Live study by MoneySense magazine has chosen Ottawa as second only to Victoria out of 154 Communities across Canada. 

Ratings are calculated based on a number of features, including weather, housing affordability, incomes, conveniences, safety, transit facilities or walkability, percentage of people working in the arts.  No matter which way you cut it Ottawa came out consistently in the top 10.  Overall it was #2.

What they don’t mention is that Ottawa’s also a very good place to invest in Real Estate. Even in the current economic woes facing most of the country, Ottawa real estate values are holding their own with prices even still on the increase. 

One of the commonalities of the top cities is the presence of both government and universities.  Ottawa bodes very well with the massive federal government of Canada in situe, two large universities, a smaller one and at least two colleges. 

If you’re thinking of moving to or in this great place, please call Eric Manherz or Steve Langlois or send an email to for more info. 

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