Did you know that Ottawa electricity prices and Peak Times changed as of May 1, 2014


All prices are higher than the equivalent preceeding winter period rates.

Note also that the mid-peak and on-peak times have switched:  the most expensive rate of electricity is now 11am – 5pm (as compared to the "shoulder times" of morning and early evening as it was during the winter period).

Summer (May 1–Oct 31) time-of-use hours




7.5 ¢ / kilowatt hour (kWh)



11.2 ¢ / kWh



13.5 ¢ / kWh

These are the prices that appear on the electricity line of your bill and are only for the electricity you use. They do not include other charges like delivery.

Households that aren't yet on time-of-use pricing will pay 8.6¢/kWh for the first 600 kWh of electricity they use per month and 10.1¢ for each additional kWh.



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