Invest in Puerto Vallarta! Oasis & Casitas Condos Now Selling

Invest in Puerto Vallarta! Oasis & Casitas Condos Now Selling


From as little as $181,650 US$, this is a wonderful opportunity to buy into the condo complex of River Cuale in Puerto Vallarta.

These condos are waterfront, on the inland edge of the Zona Romantica.  Out of the hustle and bustle of Puerto Vallarta proper, but easy walking distance to the beach, all of the great restaurants and shops. Plus, it’s only a few blocks from the farmers’ market.

Some snippets from their presentation brochure:

  • Investment in a proven condominium in downtown Puerto Vallarta that will feature 100+ turn-key AirBnB-ready units with a built-in rental program, property management and concierge services. Proven thesis and developer track record with the 43-unit first phase successfully completed and with high customer satisfaction.
  •  Privileged location in downtown, fronting the Cuale River and steps away from central attractions yet nestled in a quaint neighbourhood connected by a pedestrian river walk to downtown.
  • Diversified customer base positioned to the American and Canadian buyer, focusing on three buyer profiles:
    1. Full-time residents (retired), 2. Light user-renter, 3. Investor/renter
  • Unique hands-on operator, direct local experience, Oasis is the final phase of a consolidated successful condominium in a unique location in downtown PV
  •  For a very limited time, we are offering extraordinary discounts.  Don’t miss this unique opportunity to own in Old Town Puerto Vallarta, in a true nature lover’s dreamland!
    –   30% down/70% at delivery: 5% discount.
    –   40/40/20: 10% discount.
    –   80/20: 15% discount.
    –   Investor package (3+ units with 80/20): 18% discount.

The official website is

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like any additional information or the contact info of a knowledgeable real estate agent in Puerto Vallarta.  He’s originally from Canada but has been there for years now, so he knows his way around the real estate market there.  He has also bought one of these units for himself!



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