What is my Ottawa Home or Condo worth today – Find out right now with no obligation in seconds


Royal Lepage has produced a property Market Value Estimator that’s actually pretty good, and can give you an idea of what your home is worth today in just a few seconds.

It will suggest a price and then give you a high and low range which can be quite large so don’t go betting the bank on it, but it may give you a rough idea.  We’re also happy to do a proper evaluation of your property with comparable listings and sold properties.

Simply visit the following Royal LePage site at https://www.royallepage.ca/en/and click on the Get Estimate Button and fill in the form and voila!

It will ask for your address, year and month of purchase so you’ll need to have that handy and then just complete the few other fields and you’ll get your estimate.  If you need more clarification or if you think it’s way off, let us know. We’d love to see how it does for people in general.

Any questions send us an email at info@ericmanherz.com