Read Our eNewsletter For March 2022

Read Our eNewsletter For March 2022


Greener Homes Grants up to $5,000 + $600
Up to 700,000 grants will be paid up to $5,000 under the initiative. This is to help homeowners make energy-efficient retrofits to their homes, such as better insulation. There are also EnerGuide evaluations of up to $600 and expert advice to help homeowners plan their retrofits.


The 27 Greatest Decluttering Tips of All Time
“Keep what you need and what makes you happy” is enough of a north star for some people. But many of us need a little extra guidance to help decide what’s worth keeping. These 27 time-tested decluttering tips can help. …



The CRA And Your Home Office Expenses
Jamie Golombek shares his personal experience of what the CRA asked him to send them to justify his deduction.
“We regularly review returns after sending out the notice of assessment. These reviews are…”



Solution Addresses Symptoms, Not Causes
Most of the housing-related legislation, initiatives, strategies and tactics passed in the last 40-plus years have focused on how to limit housing demand, and many such programs inadvertently contribute to
increasing demand, rather than increasing supply.



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