Don’t Tax My Dream – Against The Municipal Land Transfer Tax

Don’t Tax My Dream – Against The Municipal Land Transfer Tax


The Ontario Real Estate Association has just launched a new advocacy campaign against the Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT) called Say NO to Another Home Owner Tax – Don’t Tax My Dream. The campaign will run in conjunction with the upcoming provincial election.

This additional tax is almost as much as is currently paid for the provincial Land Transfer Tax.  On a $400,000 home, $4,475 is paid to the current LTT.  An additional $3,725 is required for the MLTT bringing the total to $8,200 extra on this purchase!

OREA has published new research which shows that the MLTT in Toronto has cost the city 15,000 full-time jobs and billions of dollars in economic activity. They expect that this important research will attract media attention to the campaign and make it difficult for politicians at all levels to support the tax.

The objectives of the campaign are clear. First, it will send a strong message to both municipal and provincial politicians that they should oppose the spread of the Municipal Land Transfer Tax. In doing so, OREA is taking a strong stand with Ontario home owners against a tax that hurts the dream of home ownership. Second, it will support the Toronto Real Estate Board’s (TREB) efforts to repeal the Toronto Land Transfer Tax.

Say NO to Another Home Owner Tax will also spread the word using social media (#NOtoMLTT), promote their brand using a campaign website / video, earn media attention with an effective communications plan, and engage local candidates with a grassroots initiative. 

We encourage you to join the fight and stand up for Ontario home buyers by visiting the “Help Stop the Tax” section of It will only take a minute or two of your time to send a letter to your MPP through the website.

Please share the website, video, and other materials as often as possible with your friends and neighbours, and Say NO to another Home Owner Tax!


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