COVID-19 Vaccination Receipt Into Mobile Wallets


This site, created by volunteers, imports your proof-of-vaccination QR code into Apple Wallet (for iOS 15+), Google Pay Wallet (for Android 8.1+), or a Photo pass (for all others) for easy access.  [Note: I just did it, and it looks different than the PDF document from the government – it doesn’t show either Ontario or Canada on it, so I’m not sure whether it will be OK for travel?]

Easy-to-follow instructions.  Note that you need to do the process on your phone, and you may need to update your operating system.  (Apple hadn’t even suggested the update to iOS 15 to me yet.) 

Also, remember that you have to also show government issued photo ID in addition to the Proof of Vaccination document.  (Why don’t they just include our photos on the documents?)



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