5 Tips for Selling Your Home In The Fall and Winter

5 Tips for Selling Your Home In The Fall and Winter


Families with school-aged children frequently prefer to move before September, to avoid disruption during the school year, which makes spring or summer the best seasons to attract these buyers. However; people look for homes throughout the year, including fall and winter. Changing jobs, personal life changes, and buyers scaling up or down happen all year.

Although important at any time, the following tips are particularly relevant to selling in the fall and winter:

1. Make sure your interior lighting is bright. It is important to make your home appear warm and inviting to potential buyers. Replace energy-saving compact-fluorescent bulbs that take a while to turn on, and 40-watt bulbs, with brighter options while selling so that visitors can see your home at its best.  Be sure to open drapes and blinds to let the sun shine in.

2. Keep your home at a comfortable temperature during showings. Set the thermostat at a comfortable level or consider asking your realtor to turn on your gas fireplace for a showing during the winter.  Shivering and walking on cold floors will chase potential clients out – they’ll be too distracted by the cold to really think about your house.

3. Shovel and salt your walkways and driveway. In doing so, you make your home more accessible, increase curb appeal and show potential buyers that your home is well-maintained and cared for.

4. Curb appeal! It’s important to have the front of your home well maintained, and especially so at the front door.  You don’t want buyers noticing peeling paint or damaged items while waiting for their Realtor® to open the lockbox.

5. More curb appeal. Add some visual interest to the front when everything is blanketed in white.  Perhaps a wreath on the front door, or decorative planters with evergreens or evergreen branches.

The goal is to make your home inviting and welcoming, and help buyers get a sense of how they would enjoy owning it and living there.



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