Device sends tweet when baby needs a diaper change


CBS News
Posted on May 9, 2013 at 8:14 PM

 Brazilian parents are getting a jump start on social media parenting, with a device that sends a tweet when their child has a wet diaper, thanks to a Huggies product called TweetPee.

TweetPee is apparently a small device that looks like a bird, with a sensor that clips to a diaper. When the diaper is wet, it will alert parents by sending a tweet.

The device works with a TweetPee app that lets parents monitor diaper moisture, inventory and keeps count of the average amount of diapers their baby uses.

A spokesperson for Kimberly-Clark Corp., which owns Huggies, told that the device is real, but it is only being tested on four parents, with plans to expand to 10 by July. 

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